Overview of the major manufacturers of water heaters.

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    How to choose a water heater?

    Ariston water heaters

    Say to any comfort very quickly get used to. And you begin to perceive his absence, as the loss of something important and necessary in life. And all we've been able to see this more than once. Here, it would seem that this, when in the summer for a couple of weeks turned off the hot water - not a long period, can bear. And while relaxing in the country can do a summer shower. But even a few days, many do not want to endure all these inconveniences. And do not need. After this problem in our time can be solved quite simple - buy a water heater.

    Of course, has long gone antediluvian geysers. Today the market has replenished water heaters modern convenient models for every taste, any size and even shape. What are the boilers and what to look for when buying, we try to understand.

    The volume of the tank.

    First you need to sort out how much capacity you need. To do this is to decide what needs water heater and how many people will use hot water. If you want to put the boiler in the kitchen, and use it only for washing dishes, you will be enough tank volume of 10-20 liters.

    Thermex Heaters

    In that case, if it is assumed that it will still heat the water in the bathroom, where the whole family will periodically take a shower, you should pay attention to the water heater from 50 to 150 liters - depending on whether you have a family, and how often you will use it. If it is supposed to heat the water, such as a few mini-hotel rooms or a large country house, then why not buy immediately boiler larger volume. It is important to take into consideration the fact that if you have a family has an infant, water consumption increased by several times.

    Type of water heater.

    Boilers are accumulative, flow and leveling. Water heater - it is a big tank, which is located inside the heating element. As the flow of hot water is simultaneously supplied into the boiler cold water, which is gradually heated to the desired temperature. A water heater can operate at maximum capacity (80-90 ° C) or in the "Economy" (about 60 ° C), gradually warming the water and holding the desired temperature.

    There is a continuous heating tank. That is, the hot water in your home will always be. Given that the heating is gradual, and not every time "from scratch", power boiler consumes much. Which is very economical even for a large family. The most successful and popular models produced by the company Ariston, AEG and Gorenje. The only caveat - the water heats up "chunks." And if the first "bather" spent the entire supply of hot water, the rest will have to wait. But given that the water is heated quickly enough and did not cool down, it will not be a big problem.

    Electrolux Cookers

    If the speed of water heating - a fundamental issue for you, then it is better to choose water-heater. It heats water as it passes through the boiler itself. Therefore, in this case a long wait until the water warms up, is not required. By the way, these heaters should pay attention to those who have a small bathroom and kitchen area, since they are very compact and very space saving.

    But these heaters have their own characteristics - they do not heat the water to a state of very hot, just warm. To wash or wash the dishes, it will be enough. But to fully take a shower, especially in winter, is unlikely to succeed. Moreover, instantaneous water heaters, Unlike accumulative consume quite a lot of energy. And if you're going to use the whole family boiler pretty intense, it could be "fly into a lot of money."

    Gas or electric.

    Water heaters Timberk

    However, and instantaneous water heater can be quite economical. But only on one condition - if it gas. Of course, the purchase is worth it only if your house has gas. Modern gas water heaters, for example, the Swedish company Electrolux, unlike the old Soviet columns safe - gas supply is stopped if the burner goes out for some reason. They are elegant and fully automated. But the main advantage of this boiler is that it will save your family budget, since gas prices are significantly lower than for electricity. Therefore, if your house has gas, you may want to purchase a gas water heater. It is very important - in this case in the house have to be hood to output exhaust gas.

    But whatever heater you choose, should hurry with his purchase. Because hot invigorating shower in the morning or a relaxing bath after a day - it's one of the benefits of civilization, from which few people are now able to refuse.



    Water heater Thermex Flat Plus IF 50V
    Thermex Flat Plus IF 50V

    Water heater Ariston ABS BLU ECO 50V
    Ariston ABS BLU ECO 50V

    Water heater Timberk WHEL-7 OSC
    Timberk WHEL-7 OSC

    Water heater Electrolux EWH 100 Royal
    Electrolux EWH 100 Royal

    Water Heater Polaris P-80V
    Polaris P-80V

    Water heater AEG MTD 440
    AEG MTD 440

    Water heater Haier ES80V-R1 (H)
    Haier ES80V-R1 (H)

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